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You may also discuss your 'wish list' and make suggestions here.  In addition, and can find out about special offers and sales items; new and/or discontinued product lines; and latest market trends on the Shop Notice Board.
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Ultimately we hope to have a secure system for the purchase of goods on-line.  However, while the site is still under construction purchases have to be made by sending an order to Allen Hickling Toy Forts ideally by use of the Shop Contact Forms at the bottom of each area within the various sections of the shop.  Contact by e-mail is also a possibility, which can be done from: 1) the shop counter above, or 2) by clicking on the "interact" shield at the bottom on the tower on the left of the screen.  Details of other means of contact (mail, telephone, fax) are available there.

All prices quoted in the shop are net (Allen Hickling Toy Forts is not registered for VAT yet) that means: all the costs of payment (bank charges, etc), handling, shipping, packaging, and insurance have to be added on, but there are no 'hidden' costs such as sales tax or VAT.  All such supplementary expense will be kept to the minimum compatible with prompt, safe delivery of the goods, and charged to cover the actual cost only.  All this will be agreed with the customer, and payment received, before the goods leave our premises.   

All goods are described as accurately as possible.  To avoid disappointment, the customer is requested to ask as many questions as are necessary to establish exactly what it is that they are about to buy.  In any case, anything bought in our shop may be returned if it is not entirely to the customer's satisfaction, and the purchase price will be refunded.