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The current subject is Size and Scale and you are invited to visit Gallery 6 before joining the seminar.  The curator invites you to respond to the following proposition:

More people would be satisfied if the inaccuracies of size and scale, inherent in toy fort and castle design, could be overcome.

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Last up-dated:  18th March 2002
No: Statement
1 As the curator, who chose the subject for this seminar, I feel I should express an opinion here.   Most of the illustrations of forts I see in books about old toys show large Erzgebirge carved wood soldiers on the relatively small ramparts.  While this has a sort of cute charm, I am sure they are pictured together only because they are of a similar age!  For me, selecting figures of a scale appropriate to each fort is by far the better way to go.                                               Allen Hickling
2 As a collector of figures who has a few toy castles, which I use as background, I am not too worried about scale and size.  If a castle is small it appears further away in the distant background - no more and no less!  Is this not what happened when they were used in play?                       anonymous
3 There is no right or wrong about this.  Heyde, the figure manufacturers, produced many elaborate sets but were quite relaxed about mixing scales.  It is all a matter of taste, and when it comes down to it, the only sensible criterion for collectors to apply is what appeals to them!            Rob Wilson
4 I am inclined to agree with Allen that scale figures certainly do look more realistic and right.  There are many proprietary brands out there.  Most like some old Timpo etc, and some new like Britains ranges depending on your choice, which is really what the whole thing is about - if you prefer scale or otherwise.                                    Ian Impett
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