This facility comprises the six notice boards from around the museum.  The news on each is different and specific to its location.
the Museum Notice Board
  general museum news . 
the Gallery Notice Board
  up-coming attractions  
  new acquisitions  
the Shop Notice Board
  special offers and sales items
  new and discontinued product lines
the Library Notice Board
  exhibitions in other museums 
  new acquisitions and references
the Office Notice Board
  proposed and current research projects 
  the seminar programme
the Members' Notice Board
  members' news and announcements
There should be little duplication.  Please select which board you wish to look at by clicking on any highlighted notice board above. 
News on the boards is up-dated regularly by the curator.  Putting a notice on the Members Notice Board can only be done by members in the Members' Lounge off the Entrance.  If you are not a member, and wish to be, please go to the Members' Lounge where you can enroll (it is free!).