This site supports three types of interaction in which you can become involvedClear instructions about how this happens are given in the relevant location for each type of interaction.


This is where members of the museum  can communicate with each other.  If you are not a member, please go to the reception desk in the Members' Lounge off the Entrance Lobby to enrol (it is free!). 

When you have registered as a member you can do any of the following:

JOIN A DISCUSSION -  you may join an open discussion between members, which takes place in the Discussion Room in the Members' Lounge off the Entrance Lobby;

POST NOTICES  -  you may put a notice on the Members' Notice Board in the Members' Lounge off the Entrance Lobby;

DISPLAY FORTS -  you may share your favourite toy fort with others by putting it in the Members' Display Area, also in the Members' Lounge off the Entrance Lobby;

PARTICIPATE IN SEMINARS - you may join in one of the Curator's seminars in the Seminar Room in the Curator's Office.

2 This is where you can interact with the curator in a number of ways, mostly it must be said, to help the museum and shop to become more suited to your needs and those of others.

REQUEST BOOKS -  you may tell the curator about which books you would like to see added, either as references or as readings, in the Library;

OBSERVE RESEARCH -  you may comment on the curator's on-going research in the Research Centre in the Curator's Office;

SUGGEST EXHIBITS -  you may sign the Visitors Book, and make suggestions about exhibits you would like to see in the future, at the reception desk in the entrance to the Galleries;

SEEK ADVICE -  you may consult the curator about anything - particularly your own toy forts - in the Consulting Room in the Curator's Office;

GIVE FEEDBACK -  you may provide feedback about anything of a more general nature about the museum and shop, simply by sending the curator an e-mail from the 'Contact' shield second up from the bottom on the tower to the left of the screen.

3 This where you can review the possibilities of adding to your collection and, if you are tempted, actually to do so.  These more commercial interactions, which needless to say take place in the shop,  allow you to:

TALK ABOUT IT - discussing  the various items on offer with the shop manager, and making him aware of what it is you are really looking for;

MAKE A PURCHASE - actually buying that particular toy fort, those figures or stationery you have been hankering after for so long.

These  interactions are intended to be open discussions between members and between the members and the curator, so what happens is up to you.  They are not discussions in the quick-fire chat room sense, because they are conducted through the curator, who will monitor contributions for such things as obscenity, copyright and libel (heaven forbid!). 

Be aware that the 'turn around' time for contributions may be up to twenty-four hours, or more if time zone differences work against us.