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This sort of feedback will give him much needed guidance about what you like and do not like, to see. It will inform his choice about what sort of exhibitions to provide in the future. Obviously the more specific you are the more useful your feedback will be.
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Last up-dated:  22nd January 2003
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4th March 2002

What a fantastic idea for a website and store!  I am a great fighter for smooth "user interfaces", having written about them since 1984.  But while I was writing and cashing checks, nice guys such as yourself were actually getting things moving along!   And yours is quite attractive to see.                                                Russ Hogan, New York, USA

24th March 2002 It was me, who purchased the Danish Band at yesterday's show.   It's really great and now restored.  As you can see I have visited your Web site, which has given me much pleasure.  I'm going away on holiday for a short while, but I am sure to visit you again on my return, with a view to purchase.                                                   John Dennis, UK
15th October 2002 I have stumbled across your delightful website whilst scanning various search engines. I shall look in from time to time to view any new additions.  There are without doubt some beautiful little forts to be seen on your pages.  I have sold toy forts in the past and have a few old illustrations if you care to see them.  Anyway, bye for now, and I wish you future success with your venture.                            Phill Edgar,  Coventry, England
28th December 2002

I took time today to spend about an hour and one-half touring your museum and all the ins and outs.  You have made good progress since I looked at it in a much more casual way early this year. I enjoyed looking at the various items on exhibit as well as those items in the shop. Some very minor comments follow.

When moving back say from an exhibit back to the page where the exhibit was found, it would be helpful to go back to the exact spot on the page where you clicked as opposed to going to the top of the page in the gallery and then having to schroll down again. Same issue when moving from a first to a second subpoint in all area. You have to go back to the major heading as opposed to moving from point 1 to 2. Case in point, in section where you outline the aims of the museum, you have to go back the major heading to see the piece which describes your background. Small point.

Marvelous source of information. Have you ever considered putting copies of catalogs on the website,e.g. a copy of a TriAng catalog?   Best wishes. I look forward to see how your website develops and reading your soon-to-be published books.

                                   Norm Rodriguez, Memphis, USA 

22nd January 2003 I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your on-line museum of toy castles. My brothers and I loved castles when we were kids (1970s) and we had several, some of which still survive.

One was a grey plastic buillding about 2' square with round towers at the corners, drawbridge and portcullis and a keep inside. It was big enough to use with Britains' knights (and dinosaurs!).

We also had one which was very similar to Exhibit 16 in gallery 5. Ours didn't have a mountain to sit on, but there were more towers - five or six - which could be joined up with the walls and house in different ways. The buildings, however, were identical. It was given to us by a German friend of the family.

There was also had a square cardboard castle which flat packed and was intended for Playmobil. It had square turrets at the corners and a large courtyard with buildings around it, including a great hall, stable, council chamber, kitchen and dungeon.

Keep up the good work!                         Sophia, London, UK

17th July  2003

A really great web site, although Iím not at all an enthusiast in Forts and Castles.  Its a pleasure to have made a new friend and dealt with you on eBay.  Also that you have won my Old Castle that I had kept from childhood.I hope you continue to have pleasure in this hobby and that this site goes from strength to strength.                                              Laurence S, Peterborough, UK

10th November 2003 Thank you for sharing your collection and efforts with the general internet public.  I found more in one night at your site than I have in 10 years combing our public libraries. All hail the power of the web.  I'll be visiting you quite often, that's for sure.  Many thanks.                                                                                             Brian Lyons
2nd February 2004

Excellent website and virtual museum!  Your site is an invaluable source for dealers like me!  Thanks for keeping me up-to-date, and for your lovely Christmas cards.  If you ever publish a book, please let me know and I'll buy one.  Keep up the good work.                   Kyndria Honorof, Connecticut, USA


8th March 2004

having had alook at your set up, i like what i see,& be looking in on you, from time to time.                                                                       Mike Palmer, Cheltenham, UK

23rd March 2004

Thanks for the terrific website.  I loved the castle puzzle and all the information.                                                                                          Chris Vogler, 
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