Tri-ang & Hill Tri-ang unknown
This museum has been set up by the curator, Allen Hickling, on the basis of his on-going research which started about fifteen years ago. 
As a result of this research, and with the help of many enthusiasts from around the world (in particular: André Raemdonck; Bernd Zimmermann; Steve Sommers; and Marion Osborne), he has become an authority on the subject.  He wrote his first published article in 1992, since when he has become a regular contributor to several specialist publications.  He is currently engaged in writing two books on the subject, one of which will be published soon.  
Prior to this he collected toy soldiers.  He started his collection in 1948 when he was 14 years old, and it continued on and off for nearly forty years, until Toby Hardwicke gave him two toy forts in 1987.  Subsequently he sold his toy soldiers, although he still collects the smaller sizes in support of his collection of toy forts and castles.  

The museum shop is run by Allen Hickling Toy Forts.  This is the commercial arm of the museum, which also trades widely on the internet and at various international toy fairs.  

The idea of the museum has been forming for some years.  It is a direct result of constant and ever growing correspondence with people who are interested in the subject but can find no references to turn to.  Its timing has coincided with Allen Hickling's retirement in July 2001 from his previous full-time occupation as an independent facilitator and mediator.