Schubert N.Beeuzaert Gottschalk
The aim of the museum is to provide a source of images and facts about the history of toy forts and castles.   There is also a shop for old toy forts, castles, figures and related products.  It is aimed at anyone interested in the world of children's play and toys from the past.  
In the pursuit of this aim the site will be managed on the basis of three policies:


The site will always provide a stimulating experience that can be both challenging and fun.  Enabling interaction between people associated with the museum, visitors and staff, is an essential part of this.  


The museum is never considered to be complete.  It will be always changing in a process of continuous improvement.  


The experiences, services and activities provided by the museum will be developed and evolved in response to the expressed wishes of the users.  
Your help in telling us how you experienced the museum, and letting us know your opinions about its future, is essential - and will be much appreciated.  You can provide such feedback to us directly by clicking on the "contact" shield on the tower to the left of the screen.